Monday, July 26, 2010

HP's new CEO took office claiming to be unwilling to Hollywood star

HP officially appointed the new CEO, claims Hollywood stars do not want to do (SAN with map)

SAN FRANCISCO, April 1, according to foreign media reports, U.S. Eastern time Wednesday, when the Mark - Heard (Mark Hurd) appears in the Hewlett-Packard, the Hewlett-Packard employees responded with polite applause, as this is their I first met the future chief executive. But Hurd said in his inaugural speech, he clearly unlike his predecessor Carly - Carly Fiorina (Carly Fiorina) as like the concern, the employees broke out the cheers.

Although not explicitly stated, but Hart is the theme of his inaugural address that he is not Fiorina. In fact, Hurd HP employees can be a warm welcome is also because he and the great difference between Fiorina. Hurd emphasized that his management style is exposure to the forefront of the business and does not like to become the focus of attention. This is perhaps the biggest difference between Hart and his predecessor, many analysts believe, the "Iron Lady," said Fiorina is more like a Hollywood star.

Network broadcast, Hart 45-minute speech delivered Wednesday to HP's 150,000 employees worldwide on the future head of an initial understanding. HP expects the company as of Wednesday noon, about half of the staff watched the webcast, Hurd's speech later in the HP's internal network will replay. Prior to joining HP, Hurd, NCR chief as president and chief executive, during his tenure achieved outstanding results.

At HP headquarters, 150 employees participated in the inaugural ceremony of Hart to Hart the issues raised. When an employee questions to exaggerate the performance of NCR, Hurd, Hurd was correct, which gave all the staff left a deep impression. A Hewlett-Packard analyst, said: "Hart is very approachable, and did not let himself look like a super hero. To me, this is a good news, we do not want to see a head of a Hollywood-style . "the analyst also said he thought Hart would be drastically cut costs and break HP, but Hart's answer to his company's future with confidence, this table Ming Hede is a rational leadership persons.

Some HP employees that left the deepest impression Hart gives is his team-oriented management style. Hurd said in a speech in the way sports teams will be operating a Hewlett-Packard, which HP co-founder - Hewitt (Bill Hewlett), and David - Pei Kade (David Packard) style of management have many similarities. Hurd said: "Perhaps I will keep coming to those I think the phone company to help people." Hurd said HP is a great IT company, which helped him win the goodwill of some of HP's older employees.

Hart realized that the success of NCR, and Hewlett-Packard also can not guarantee his success, it is proposed NCR and HP employees which should be more cautious. He said: "The effective way in one place, change to another might have failure." Over the past 25 years, Hurd, NCR's sales force from a common chief executive has been done on their own of this experience, he said: "I am not one who likes to move on, it can be seen from my resume." This is the part of the HP employees resonated, many of them have been Hewlett-Packard for a few years time.

While the company from NCR, Hurd is still said that the future of a great company executives should come from within the company. He said: "Maybe I say this is asking for trouble, but when I left HP, if my successor is still derived from HP's outside, it is not doing my job." HP 1 Mingjiao You Jin - Fudiniqi (Eugene Fotinich) for software developers indicated that before he knew nothing of the Hart, but he agreed with the choice of the board. He said: "We will pay close attention to what will happen after one year of HP, in any case, we have a chief executive, which shares our interests."

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