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Raiders experience demon slayer Painkiller

Study: User-biohazard Ranger NETSHOW

So long no one was Painkiller's Gonglue, I wrote ~~~~~~

Oh, in fact, has long wanted to write this game Gong Lue, and yet because of this game is basically the way it is monotonous process of the first immediate concern.

However, when browsing the forums, many players still find some places in doubt, some issues have not been ignored, and some question was answered

But asked questions such as 13 F, 21 F, only to be answered, in addition to answer questions of the players and management at the differences, with the result that most players can not effectively solve the problem

Therefore, I doubt this game, difficulty, and various methods and techniques of war BOSS do to illustrate:

Melting Pit BOSS: is the guy inside the melting pit, Oh, probably due to its long-troubled and the reason this guy is very sensitive to light, ways to attack: the melting pit on top of the Mucha shot down the middle, you can make a repeat Sunshine Radio recently, and then the guy to attract in the past, Oh it hung up.

Cemetery BOSS: BOSS nothing in this powerful, attention to attack its weak position, that is, it's Liang Lei, as well as it will from time to time move out Zabing, first against Zabing, in the roundabout to deal with boss, to the left around it 2 / 5 of life when it would move out of a tornado, the little power, but note that you can avoid, and not very difficult.

Hammer pin BOSS: BOSS's play this basic and cemetery BOSS play similar, but do not be stepped on, huh, huh, if stepped on a lot of contributions to HP's Yo, it's offensive weakness is the stomach and private parts ^ - ^.

Marsh BOSS: Oh, this card is about 15 minutes I turn to the question -_-#,: The boss at first appear to be transparent, then you do it any attack is invalid, do not worry, pay attention to a gas bubble around the swamp emerge, Oh Oh, biogas can be burned to burn it you know, so strange and so approached the bubble when the boss will be more bubbles blow up charges off to HP, note that this is not the most important key is that you take four weeks lit air bubbles are ringing off the hook, this time to fight the boss will ignite the flame, Oh, this time for your chance to vent all the attacks were right on it, then it is not defense, marksmanship, then a round of quasi- KO. If the marksmanship was not very good, repeat the process until it hit to.

Heavy hammer BOSS: This guy attacking high, although the frequency of slow moving, but the large stride, it is intractable, play it? Light said a little far-fetched if circuitous, but happens or circuitous tactics, Oh Oh, heavy hammer is the fatal weakness of this guy, have been attacking the heavy hammer to avoid sensitive increase is down this guy's the best way out.

Dragon BOSS: the roof is in fact called it Dragon that is not entirely apt, because it will be halfway gets transformed back to play it ~ ~ ~, the first attack I chose the medium difficulty dragon 4 guns KO, Oh, not happy too early, it is time for the first time transfiguration and will smash the floor, you fall into the next level with it together, then it moves faster, but did not attack any new tricks, it wants indirect attack, It is another transfiguration after a KO and once again smashed the floor (no significant change in shape is just slightly dark complexion, and the capacity increased), the you had better pay attention, you can go to any attack charges It's HP, but difficulty is when he HP to 0 after it will be around to the temple goddess absorb energy, so that HP back to 100%, and repeatedly so, how should we do 0_0 (10 minutes of my card ), I finally found it's weaknesses, and attention given to boss in the ability of the Goddess when the goddess is very weak at this time, Goddess attack it, it did not break one by one, Oh, lost saint's blessing, boss naturally vulnerable, knocked it right, it is no longer the source of HP.

Above that are a little difficult, mainly looking for gaps and weaknesses BOSS attacks, and did not say such barriers and other small, etc., because those purposes as long as they can be a tactical hinge meat, but the following I To mention a barrier.

OLD MONASTERY game of the final hurdle, which came off after I really like this side of the style, but moment later I was depressed up because this pass, the scene a sense of color is too bad the same level of notice, I was very depressed, However, the difficulty that there is no clearance is to remind you where the best use of these relations S / L Dafa, otherwise I would not care too late for.

OLD MONASTERY off BOSS: Oh, this is rather special BOSS relevant, you say that it simply is not easy, you say hard, huh, huh, perhaps, than the first holding Zhayao Tong Guan even better deal, said not much gossip to see Dafa to , the first thing to declare, if you open a GOD mode you off, because there is no HP BOSS blood cells, so you turn to God mode if it will never be down, following the attacks began, said the specific method First of all, you will encounter many characters were transparent N-shaped skull phantom Zabing, till they have killed them right, pay attention to choose a good terrain, random selection, as far as possible into the available power options, retreat to the terrain on it, not the most critical broad forced into the corners, and do not be forced to fire into the lava river, enough to kill a certain amount of skeleton soldiers, the screen was the devil mode, the screen is gray, the enemy was the kind of model orange, while the final BOSS also a significant first pay attention to avoid, then vent your anger to the largest body of its bar. Note that we must seize this opportunity to BOSS or not linked, gone, you have to kill enough volume to its skeleton Zabing BOSS again, so be sure to note the opportunity Yo, this you have no obstacles in front of , and slowly enjoy the customs animation it!

So attached to the card collection methods: in fact nothing special is that every time you complete each level destroy all the enemies after the map will be lit red flames, red flames along the first and not the direction to go, to turn around Amazing turn you will find that some previously closed doors, now open, go inside which there is no blame only treasure, there is more use of S / L Dafa, you can search into every corner.

I have gathered together all, in fact, secret location, and location of capture card I have, but I did not not impress because the search was a super fun, so that you still own their own skill bar.

Slightly below that point is useless if you actually are using the cheat console, which is tacitly no noise fills but I want to remind everyone that the impact with the cheat console is integral, especially the devil mode in this mode we do not eat to the rings, gold and silver bullion the stuff of it will greatly affect the points, I just say let everyone know, but if the plans were to kill you not discussing the brisk! ! If not the pursuit of integration, but with no defense! ! !

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Flash and Silverlight Comparison of multi-domain measurement

COMSHARP CMS writes: Since the Silverlight 1.0 has been released, Web developers and designers who select the Flash and Silverlight on the controversy began, in front of a mature Flash, Silverlight is facing challenges of how to win the market. Silverlight, however, contains a number of developing Flash designers have been hoping to have the features such as SEO, Flash and Silverlight article on the technical details of a detailed comparison.

Animated feature

Flash Frame-based animation model, frame by frame animation mode, we create the object for each frame and generated animation sequences. For example, you want an object across the screen in 3 seconds, 3 seconds to calculate the total number of frames, then the matrix needs of each and every frame. However, the actual playing of Flash does not truly set the frame rates in accordance with, unless you insert a blank in the animation tracks.

Silverlight animation model based on WPF, WPF is based on the time line, not the frame, you define a good start at the end of the state, WPF to help you calculate how to do the middle, like Flash did not deal with the matrix, do not have to calculate the object in different frames position.

File size

Flash using compressed format, text and images embedded in the file, so Flash file size is very small.

Silverlight uses XAML as description language, not compressed, so Silverlight's file size is usually larger.


Flash using ActionScript, ActionScript object-oriented, user interface design has full control, but also with other back-end languages such as PHP, ASP, Ruby On Rails to integrate the exchange, with a strong development of libraries.

Silverlight script can choose a variety of development language, Visual C #. Net and Visual Basic.Net, also include client-side language JavaScript. C # and can be used to write managed code, and can be fully used. Net framework library.

Video and Audio

Flash supports multiple audio formats, the latest audio decoder quality is very high, bandwidth is also very good. It's video decoder, Sorenson H.263 is a special variant of H.263 compression is close, but some features removed.

Silverlight uses the industry standard VC-1 video decoding, and support for WMV and WMA, Windows Movie Maker can easily produce both formats, while Microsoft offers a free WMV, WMA encoder.

Sound Processing

ActionScript provides a sound library that can be used to generate or control the animation the sound, you can play the animation from the resource library by adding voice during the same time, Flash animation and some methods to control the entire sound.

Silverlight does not control the underlying sound API, or even can not play a WAV file, because. NET in the audio player on the weak.


Those with visual or hearing impaired persons, Flash provides a rich accessibility features, video, subtitles can help hearing impaired, visually impaired and those who need to control the sound playback via the keyboard, people can use the keyboard shortcut keys to control video playback .

The first time Silverlight 3 color support on all systems, those people with visual impairments can be adjusted to the high contrast color scheme, in terms accessibility Silverligth much worse than Flash.

Platform Compatibility

Flash support for Windows Vista/XP/2000, Windows Server 2003/2008, Mac OS 10.1/10.5 (PowerPC), Mac OS 10.1/10.5 (Intel), Linux 5, openSUSE 11, Ubuntu 7.10 or later and Solaris 10.

Silverlight only supports Windows Vista/XP/2000, Windows Server 2003/2008, Windows Mobile 6, Mac OS 10.1/10.5 (PowerPC) and Mac OS 10.1/10.5 (Intel). Because they do not support Linux and Solaris, so users of these platforms can not experience Silverlight. (However. NET in the third party open source Linux platform project, MONO framework MoonLight support Linux - Translator)

Text display and SEO

Flash text is based on graphics, Flash Player does not understand the TTF, we are unable to separate from the Flash animation text. Usually, Flash on the SEO is unfriendly, but Adobe has made some efforts to Flash text can be indexed, but search engines have started to index Flash has. Currently, Google is the only support for Flash search engine index, they are with Adobe to design the corresponding Flash content can be understood Google crawler. Yahoo is in progress, given Microsoft's Silverlight is a Flash competitor, they could not discuss in MSN index Flash.

Silverlight is based on XAML's, Silverlight text content is stored independently and can be any search engine index, and therefore more friendly to search engines.

Supported image formats

Flash supports almost all image formats. Silverlight only supports PNG and JPEG, other formats provide limited support.

Network Programming

Flash and the server communicate using XMLSocket.

Silverlight through the System.Net.Sockets namespace provides comprehensive support for network programming, Silverlight can be from 4502 to 4534 port asynchronous transfer of data, also support cross-domain communication.

Camera support

Flash support for web camera and microphone, can be easily manipulated using ActionScript camera or microphone. Silverlight does not support the camera and microphone.


Flash contains only the deployment of a separate SWF file, the file already contains all the images, text, animation. Silverlight deployment to complex, all the independent components to be deployed alone, the typical Silverlight request typically includes the following:

鈼?XML documents,

鈼?DLL files (if any)


鈼?other JavaScript files

鈼?resource files (images, video, audio)

Windows executable

Flash animation can be compiled into a stand-alone Windows executable program, the desktop player.

Silverligth does not support.

Streaming Media Services

Flash does not support streaming media services (although the control of almost all FLV video sites, but that is another story - the translator).

Microsoft Windows Live, Silverlight-based streaming media service allows developers to design and distribute rich media, combined with Microsoft's Expression Studio, developers and designers can create interactive Web program.


Rich Internet applications, there are many technology options has always been controversial, in Silverlight and Flash in the choice will depend on your needs, if your users, including Linux and Solaris platforms, Flash is the best choice, if you want your site can be index, Silverlight better.

Another point of note is that the user plug-ins installed Silverligth still in the minority, while most of the user's browser to install the Flash plug-in all, Also, SWF, FLA, FLV almost become a standard format developed, but still 100% Silverligth proprietary format (though Silverlight is already clear, and also talk about opening up does not open - the translator).

Quick Comparison



File sizebetter.


Video / Audio.better

Sound processingbetter.


Platform compatibilitybetter.

Text representation / SEO.better

Supported image formatsbetter.

Socket programmingbetter.

Webcam supportbetter.


Windows applicationbetter.

Media streaming.better


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Refused to applaud for the rotten tomatoes

Tomato production arrested in the garden, why detainees, there is a version of the story is like this: Gates to Zhongguancun, find Aunt bought xp, aunt took out a tomato garden version of xp. Afterwards, a bunch of rogue computer software covered by furious Gates, Ballmer called the lecture, contact the Chinese authorities required, thorough investigation of the producers of tomato garden for the contribution to the cause of China's anti-piracy force a due.

This is the story of the real situation is surely not the case, news tells us that during the Olympic Games, Gates are watching the match live it, it did not even go to Zhongguancun.

Why should Microsoft, maker of garden tomato into the dock, Yangde Yi did not want to know, because this is Microsoft's family people, thieves rampant host family Shashi Hou hit 110 requires a public explanation for it?

So it happened, did not lead to Yang Deyi little surprise, because the events started from the coral, Yang Deyi felt "modify" other software in order to profit-making profit is sure to go a long detained is a matter of time - if It was not allowed under the eaves of your house put a swagger in the stalls to smear the money, you certainly will not hesitate to call 110.

But after the incident, Yang Deyi found that some know the truth, they do not want to or can not afford to think about the truth of the people are the fryer, and in a site poll conducted, support for ten times the number of tomato garden party in opposition, can be said to thunderous applause, flowers everywhere, and remarks, also denouncing Microsoft, what Xiemoshalv that burning bridges that monopoly black money that the scapegoat that, and so on and so on ...... rampant. Yang Deyi not understand this, this is Sha logic? Stole something Tomato Garden Microsoft's home also had success with Microsoft? That you have a skill active at the Bank of China to try to see how the police uncle is a police vehicle with a drive to open way to thank you.

Is the way things are arrogant to steal pirated software market throughout China, and also pretend to be wronged then assumed a virtue for the benefit of the people look like, and what is pure installed, it is disgusting to say.

Coral by rogue software bundle make a million, tomato garden cynicism unawares things Microsoft, but also by rogue software, earned 2 million. If anyone think this is a good thing for the tangible things, with shouts, "against the monopoly" of the slogan to the thief himself seeking a theoretical support to their own ignorance, just add a coat, I'm sorry, really this way, Yang Deyi must question your intelligence is mature, the basic concept of right and wrong reasons is because of family education lost exhausted because of your selfish and narrow-minded people despise. Monopoly owned monopoly, owned by a thief a thief, two different things, which is like a thief to come based on the motive of greed, the rich family, facing a righteous and stern but also to a "Robin Hood," It's funny, is not it, when you You-lun Li Kui foolish tricks robbed Jiangzhou ah.

Yang Deyi refused to applaud for the tomato garden and more disgusted with the behavior of its protestations Mingbu Ping, which has nothing to do with Microsoft, but basic common sense and related to stealing other people's stuff to make a profit, but also bound to N number of rogue software If even applauded for such behavior, then Yang Deyi himself is full of angry youth with no brain.

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Call center strategy, direction and goals

Editor's Note

Call center into China for nearly a decade old. Telecommunications and financial services from the initial construction of key industries to highlight the transition over the past two or three years, China's current call center industry is poised to take off, awaiting the arrival of another business building climax. The industry itself, from the hardware and software product development, system integration to operational management, training, consulting and certification bodies and personnel have formed a complete industrial chain. On the occasion of 2005 International call center and customer relationship management, the forthcoming General Assembly on April 11 to 15 at the Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center held, we invite industry experts on all aspects of call center construction and industrial development in the hot issues of its articles will be posting, so stay tuned.

Customer Service Center building, you must first explicitly call center business strategy, direction and goal expectations. Strategy, direction, goals, if not of clear, then the system will lack overall planning, the final outcome is not due to over-investment result in system idle is often found insufficient, needed to increase investment, resulting in a system of confusion. Moreover, after operating outside the formal call center, do substantial revisions, and related operations will lead to customer dissatisfaction and inconvenience to staff, serious customer service center construction will lead to failure, so in advance to establish a clear and practicable strategy to target is very important.

Customer Relationship Management

Contact Customer Service Centre is a corporate window, but also the implementation of enterprise customer relationship management are. Therefore, the perfect customer service system must be operational customer relationship management, enterprise integration. Customer service not only to obtain customer service customer relationship management system, relevant information should also be able to front-end and back-end applications and enterprise systems integration. So that it can provide a complete and diversified customer service, increase business with customers both added value and create long-term business foundation.

Therefore, business units need to look at the current industry and customer information, including transactions, customer information, product type, pricing, features, etc., enter the building system is compatible with the database. Analysis of data from customer transactions, the main screen in the main customers and potential future customers and offer service programs proposed plan. Set customer service processes, the main products and services and contact the person in charge and annual marketing plans and promotional programs, and provide the interface relations and related requirements, to facilitate the customer service system construction and integration.

Planning Service

Customer Service Center is a staff (people), 娴佺▼ (process), technology (technology) which consists of system that can efficiently integrate the enterprise's resources together in order to interact with customers, satisfy customer needs. But the company's strategy (strategy) will dominate the customer service role and position, thus influencing the people, process, technology investment and the three arrangements. Therefore, planning must start from the vision and strategy, people, processes and technology to the most appropriate arrangements for the three locations before they can maximize service efficiency.

In order to make customer service center can play the expected benefits, prior proper planning of the operation of the necessary information infrastructure, human resources, processes, functions and design matters such as the development of the right steps will help enterprises to build a successful call center. However, in considering the planning and development of call center level, the from many different angles, including business development point of view, functional programming point of view, the actual construction point of view, the perspective of business operation to carry out such.

A complete contact center system architecture include: switching system (Private Branch Exchange, PBX), automatic call distribution system (Automatic Call Distribution, ACD), interactive voice response system (Interactive Voice Response, IVR), computer telephony integration systems ( Computer Telephony Integration, CTI), workflow management systems (Workflow Management System) and the recording system (Recording System) and so on. According to foreign "Call Center Magazine" (Call center Magazine) in 2000, research reports, call center systems through computer telephony integration, interactive voice response system then integrates the Internet and other diversified services to carry out customer service channels, the average cost of service face to face interaction with customers will cost 200 dollars, used stores, chain stores of 20 to 50 dollars, down 0.1 U.S. dollars. Therefore, enterprises should fully understand the only effective integration of system development, before significant reduction in corporate services costs, it is not only economic efficiency of enterprises in need can also receive timely and effectively to meet customer information needs. Therefore, examination of outsourcing vendors, its equipment capacity and the back of several considerations, outsourcing companies will be included in audit, assessment of priorities.

銆??杩涜绯荤粺瑙勫垝鏃讹紝棣栧厛蹇呴』瑙勫垝涓?釜闀挎湡鐨勬柟鍚戯紝骞朵粠闀挎湡鎶曡祫鐨勮搴﹁繘琛岃?铏戯紝鏄庣‘鍦板畾涔夊叕鍙搁渶姹傦紝娉ㄦ剰绯荤粺鐨勬墿鍏呮?涓庡欢灞曟?锛岄伩鍏嶉?鎴愰噸澶嶃?娴垂鐨勬姇璧勩?瀹㈡湇绯荤粺鍘傚晢鐨勫ソ鍧忥紝灏ゅ叾瀵圭郴缁熷缓璁剧殑鎴愯触涓庣郴缁熸槸鍚﹁兘鏈夋晥鍙戞尌鏁堢敤鑷冲叧閲嶈銆?br />


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RUP tailoring principles and cutting process

RUP or Rational Unified Process, is a Rational software process developed products. The Unified Software Development Process also refers to the RUP, but removed the previous company name. This paper uses "Unified Process" and "RUP" as its full name and abbreviation.
I know on the current domestic industry are concerned about the issue: RUP tailoring principle of what is, is there any engineering of the RUP tailoring process. This article will discuss the above two issues. This view from personal experience that many, something has gone wrong, please treatise.
The first part of the tailoring principle RUP
First introduced the "software process is software," the well-known principle, and then specify the RUP tailoring principle is: the development of software process re-engineering.
First, the software process is software
Software Engineering Masters Osterweil in their paper "Software Processes are Software Too" in a strategically advantageous position to point out: the software process is software. Software has a development process, software process also has a development process; software development output software products, software production process of product development process; software development can be an evolutionary process, the software development process can also be an evolutionary process.
1. The software development process is a process
Software process is captured through the demand analysis, design, implementation, and testing activities, developed only. Discussed only briefly below. Software process development, the demand is the use of the software process, what is the purpose (high demand), which should be used to guide activities (demand); analysis and design means that the convergence between the activities and even parallel, the activities of output What products; implementation means that the process of documenting the software equivalent of software development coding; software development process is also testing, but in the mind run, and run twice higher-level instruction by using the brain is the acceptance testing.
Further, not only the development process, software process, and a complete software process life cycle. Because the software came out in the development process, there are delivered to maintain the process of upgrading until abandoned. Delivery is to implement software process, to guide the development of software projects. If the use of the software process and found wrong with the (bug, take corrective maintenance) or gaps (new requirements, scalability required maintenance), the original software process can be modified or enhanced. When the upgrade of its revised guidance also does not meet the needs of development, will be relegated to the end of the software life cycle process. Insert a way, the current is extremely strong in the CMM, "Software Process Framework and standards", as how to understand. From the "software process is software" point of view, CMM is the nature of the demand for software process development and testing program: CMM for each "critical practice" is a demand for software process development; As for the "key process areas" and " Key Practice Class ", from the perspective of the level of demand (see Wiegers landing Lina translation" software requirements "of the book), respectively, as" business needs "and" user needs "; CMM questionnaires, each question is testing the program one by one test case, test plan is developed in accordance with demand, CMM requirements and testing solutions to combo up. "CMM is the evolution of software process framework" is not difficult from a "software process is software" to find a sharp understanding of the perspective, that is: CMM process for all software development needs, based on the importance and interdependence, division of the priority , then the priority will be based on demand requirements divided into five groups, namely the initial level, repeatable level, defined level, management level and optimization of quantitative level.
2. Software process development process of product output
Software development software products output is a collection of procedures and documentation, then the output of the process of the development process of products like? Process finished form from there is some documentation. Products through the review process is institutionalized standardization documents, these documents to guide and constrain the software development process.
Process products must have four elements: feature elements (ie activity), behavioral factors (ie, through the dependence between the activities associated with the activity model constitutes, in fact, the classical development model of Figure Four basic models are the activities), organizational factors (ie, and correlation between the activities), information elements (ie products).
Look at RUP, the process of product is some documentation, a total of thousands of pages, are organized into a knowledge base online query. We look at its core concepts: roles, activities, work flow and work piece, did not leave the four elements with scope: the role of the people (of duty), parts or products, workflow involves the role, activities and artifacts of the model.
3. The software development process can also be an evolutionary process
To further prove that the software development and software development process of the similarity, we chose a very popular "evolution" concept to examine both. Evolution of development in the RUP called incremental development is the first step after step in the development of semi-finished products developed based on. Software developed by evolution, generally known as "fountain model." The software development process can also be used evolutionary development, especially the development of software process for large projects, due to software process complex enough, the evolution of development is necessary.
2, RUP tailoring principle
Explain the concept of re-engineering first, and then note that a re-engineering tailored RUP.
1. The concept of re-engineering
Re-engineering (reengineering) of existing software systems re-development process, including reverse engineering, new construction needs to consider and forward three steps.
2. RUP tailoring the software development process re-engineering
Since the "software process is software", then the process re-engineering concepts to software development also apply. RUP tailoring the story can say this: Rational has developed a RUP; we want to tailor RUP for a software project after, so we get on the RUP to reverse-engineering "RUP development needs" and "RUP design" and the document ; then consider our software projects are "demand for a software project software process"; Finally, compare the two requirements, draw "RUP design", software process engineering are being developed, "a software project software development process" .
Yes, "RUP tailoring the software development process re-engineering" point of view is indeed very instructive for us to develop the process engineering of the RUP tailoring and lay a solid theoretical basis.
The second part of RUP to reverse engineering
According to "RUP tailoring the software development process re-engineering" point of view, RUP tailoring of the RUP into reverse engineering, software process to consider the needs and process development of new works three steps forward. However, reverse engineering RUP only once, after the RUP tailoring process can be reused. Therefore, the author of "reverse engineering on the RUP" from the "project of the RUP tailoring process" discussed separately.
In addition, this article does not intend to elaborate on the process of reverse engineering project, it would be very large and very theorized. This approach is the reverse engineering process are listed in a subset of the output of products and each product's contents relate only to the core subset.
In fact, if not from a theoretical point of view, reverse engineering on the RUP is actually a process of understanding of RUP (RUP does not understand with no way to cut), therefore, the following description of the author of the RUP is a point to understand, initiate Please treatise.
First, demand
Rational RUP in the development of a master who needs time to capture first, they certainly capture the demand and ultimately, the following:
鈼?RUP will be a process generic enough products, cut right after the RUP should be suitable for most projects. (Functional requirements)
鈼?Using RUP as a development process, develop risk to be minimized. (Non-functional requirements)
Second, analysis
Next, the analysis would have been something like this:
鈼?development process by a variety of "activities" component.
鈼?Each "event" to produce different "products" may also be a variety of "activities" to produce a "product."
鈼?activities are business modeling, requirements analysis and design, implementation, testing, implementation, configuration and change management, project management and the environment. (RUP's nine core workflow)
鈼?products are: use case model, analysis model, design model, source code and test reports.
鈼?activities can contain sub-activities, sub-parallel between the activities can be, simply renamed the activities of the workflow, handle events renamed activities.
鈼?"products" can be finished or semi-finished products for the evolution, we simply finished and semi-finished products are called "artifacts."
Third, design
Next to design, would have been something like this:
鈼?In order to meet the universal requirements: Generalization of object-oriented thinking of reference (ie, parameterized or template), RUP framework only and has nothing to do specific projects.
鈼?In order to minimize the risk to meet the demand: the introduction of the concept stage and the iterative development model, to give developers enough opportunity cost too much to give up or adjustment prior to development.
Fourth, to achieve
RUP's goal that we all see, is that you can query the knowledge base online content is very rich.
The third part of the project-oriented tailoring process RUP
In RUP was reverse engineering, and better understanding of the RUP, the need for the two steps are the core of the process of tailoring RUP, this section presents a project-oriented solutions. First of all, to discuss the needs of the software engineering process development; and then discuss the positive development of the software engineering process, that is five steps; Finally, given a few instructions on the five steps, highlighting the five-step method is how to reduce the complexity of tailoring RUP nature. The following set engineered to RUP tailoring process, not universal, but it does have some versatility.
First, the software requirements engineering process development
Here, the demand for software process development projects can draw on the needs of software development projects, including the requirements capture, requirements analysis, writing requirements documents and needs assessment.
1. Requirements Capture
First of all, a clear project environment, then all involved personnel to the project to gather information. Project environment, including software type, software size, software, importance, quality developers, co-operation with the quality of those factors will influence future software development process. Project personnel involved, including users, developers, contracts and tenders and so on to determine, collect from them the requirements of the software process.
2. Needs Analysis
Research collected the requirements of the demand for the formation of coherent statements.
3. Preparation of requirements documents
The demand for structured presentation documented.
4. SRR
Organization from the top leadership, developers and others to participate in the assessment. If the assessment has not been adopted, according to the specific situation from the above three steps back one step in the beginning, until the review through.
Second, the software engineering process development forward
A "five-step method." On the one hand, five-step method retains excellent RUP concepts, such as phase, iteration, workflow, artifacts and roles. On the other hand, five-step method using a number of RUP tailored to reduce the complexity of the strategy behind "five steps of the points that" there are about.
1. Determine what the project needs of the software workflow process
The size of the project different, RUP's nine workflow is not always necessary; other embedded software programs generally do not need business modeling workflow. Although workflow can contain parallel execution of activities, but this stage does not care about these, but only to the workflow as black box, that devolved into a workflow activity.
2. To determine which parts of each work out abortion
Because many developers or traditional forms of document review, therefore, may provide abortion work out a traditional document.
3. Determine the stage of evolution between
RUP development process will be divided into four stages (initial stage, the refinement stage, construction stage and transfer stage) is a good way to control risk, is to determine the stage of evolution between the principle of risk control, the decision to each stage Some work on which the flow, each workflow execution to what extent, output artifacts which, to what extent the completion of each job.
4. Determine the stage of the iterative scheme
RUP iteration is a great emphasis on the concept, you can further reduce development risk, the RUP's four stages (three stages in the post-iteration is more common), the decision whether to adopt iterative development, the development of the content of each iteration What.
5. Planning the internal structure of the workflow
Workflow is not the simple accumulation of activities, workflow related to the role, activities and artifacts, and workflow and project size and complexity of the role of the number of such causes. Therefore, we should first decide which of the software process to establish the role; If the second step in the introduction of the traditional documents, but also the traditional document mapped to RUP artifacts; Finally, the internal structure of the workflow planning, usually in the form of activity diagram to out.
If you want to get through the RUP tailoring the software process more complicated, no doubt cut this step is the difficulty.
3, five steps of a few instructions
1. To determine the timing of the software process
In practice, the process of determining the timing of the software is not static. For example, if the new project and the project team previously developed for a project very similar, we can determine the software before the development begins with a software process; If you are not familiar with the project, it is possible in the initial stages can only be determined after the completion of or modify the software process to be used; If the project has many unknown factors, iteration plan to defer to the stage before the start of better workflow planning is also delayed. 2. Five steps after such former Lean fat
Five steps in five steps, three steps before people feel very "thin", then two steps more "fat", which is Why? In fact, the iterative scheme and the role of the establishment have been delayed in order to simplify the software development process. Software development process there are two schools: an activity center and to the role as the center. The RUP workflow is the core concept of the role and activities of both, through appropriate to postpone planning workflow, can be simplified to RUP tailoring. Five-step method is such a tailored RUP process: it is an activity center, it's the first step is to identify activities; and its role in the establishment postponed until the end, not only reduces the complexity of tailoring RUP, but also to retain the work flow advantages.
3. RUP artifacts of traditional documents and correspondence
Between traditional documents and RUP artifacts, and sometimes there is a certain relationship, and often one to many relationship. Therefore, the second step can be five-step method with traditional documentation, not only idiomatic, but also reduce the early stage of software development details of the process, reducing the complexity of customized RUP. To the fifth step, and then broken down into traditional documents RUP artifacts to take advantage of the workflow aspects of RUP guidelines. Traditional "software-defined document" can be broken down into RUP's scope, vision and features; traditional "software requirements specifications" section to the non-functional requirements, including RUP's business rules; so.


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Monday, July 26, 2010

HP's new CEO took office claiming to be unwilling to Hollywood star

HP officially appointed the new CEO, claims Hollywood stars do not want to do (SAN with map)

SAN FRANCISCO, April 1, according to foreign media reports, U.S. Eastern time Wednesday, when the Mark - Heard (Mark Hurd) appears in the Hewlett-Packard, the Hewlett-Packard employees responded with polite applause, as this is their I first met the future chief executive. But Hurd said in his inaugural speech, he clearly unlike his predecessor Carly - Carly Fiorina (Carly Fiorina) as like the concern, the employees broke out the cheers.

Although not explicitly stated, but Hart is the theme of his inaugural address that he is not Fiorina. In fact, Hurd HP employees can be a warm welcome is also because he and the great difference between Fiorina. Hurd emphasized that his management style is exposure to the forefront of the business and does not like to become the focus of attention. This is perhaps the biggest difference between Hart and his predecessor, many analysts believe, the "Iron Lady," said Fiorina is more like a Hollywood star.

Network broadcast, Hart 45-minute speech delivered Wednesday to HP's 150,000 employees worldwide on the future head of an initial understanding. HP expects the company as of Wednesday noon, about half of the staff watched the webcast, Hurd's speech later in the HP's internal network will replay. Prior to joining HP, Hurd, NCR chief as president and chief executive, during his tenure achieved outstanding results.

At HP headquarters, 150 employees participated in the inaugural ceremony of Hart to Hart the issues raised. When an employee questions to exaggerate the performance of NCR, Hurd, Hurd was correct, which gave all the staff left a deep impression. A Hewlett-Packard analyst, said: "Hart is very approachable, and did not let himself look like a super hero. To me, this is a good news, we do not want to see a head of a Hollywood-style . "the analyst also said he thought Hart would be drastically cut costs and break HP, but Hart's answer to his company's future with confidence, this table Ming Hede is a rational leadership persons.

Some HP employees that left the deepest impression Hart gives is his team-oriented management style. Hurd said in a speech in the way sports teams will be operating a Hewlett-Packard, which HP co-founder - Hewitt (Bill Hewlett), and David - Pei Kade (David Packard) style of management have many similarities. Hurd said: "Perhaps I will keep coming to those I think the phone company to help people." Hurd said HP is a great IT company, which helped him win the goodwill of some of HP's older employees.

Hart realized that the success of NCR, and Hewlett-Packard also can not guarantee his success, it is proposed NCR and HP employees which should be more cautious. He said: "The effective way in one place, change to another might have failure." Over the past 25 years, Hurd, NCR's sales force from a common chief executive has been done on their own of this experience, he said: "I am not one who likes to move on, it can be seen from my resume." This is the part of the HP employees resonated, many of them have been Hewlett-Packard for a few years time.

While the company from NCR, Hurd is still said that the future of a great company executives should come from within the company. He said: "Maybe I say this is asking for trouble, but when I left HP, if my successor is still derived from HP's outside, it is not doing my job." HP 1 Mingjiao You Jin - Fudiniqi (Eugene Fotinich) for software developers indicated that before he knew nothing of the Hart, but he agreed with the choice of the board. He said: "We will pay close attention to what will happen after one year of HP, in any case, we have a chief executive, which shares our interests."

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dell's expansion overseas territory shake the HP printer status of the King

September 22 message, when the print market felt the rapid growth in sales, Dell said it plans to own an unparalleled marketing power to enter overseas markets in emerging print and shake the Hewlett-Packard's dominance in the print area.

According to Reuters, Dell said that in 2006, will be in non-US markets high-end, integrated and large color laser printer, which for the Korean market development process will become particularly prominent. So far, Dell's worldwide shipments of printers have more than 10 million, most of them concentrated in the U.S. market. This also makes the Dell become the following after the U.S. Hewlett-Packard printer manufacturer No.2, the latter in the high-end printer market share from 60% to 90% range.

So far, Dell in North America, black and white laser printer market share of 13%, mainly for Lexmark printer sales, while color laser printer in North America 17% market share, mainly sales of Fuji Xerox products. However, in the global market view, the Dell only ranks eighth, behind Hewlett-Packard, Samsung, and Epson, Xerox and other companies.

According to company leaders said, with the amazing sales of Dell's server products, future sales of printer products will also be able to grow rapidly.

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